This high-quality phone case comes in a striking shade of blue, perfectly highlighting the unique grain of genuine stingray leather and keeping your phone safe from harm.


PHONE CASE FOR IPHONE XS: Intended for a snug fit that keeps your iphone protected from bumps and knocks.


GENUINE STINGRAY LEATHER: Up to 25 times more durable than cow's leather, with a more flexible nature, this luxury materials creates products that will last a very long time.


EFFORTLESS FIT: These elegant cases are designed to snap into place with ease, so that you can add or remove as many times as you like!


DESIGNER PRESENTATION: Each iphone case comes in a stylish solid box, making for a very special gift.


HAND-MADE IN LONDON: Each phone case is hand-crafted in the City, so that we are always surrounded by limitless inspiration and creativity.

iPhone XS Stingray Leather Case - Purple


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